What type of shopper are you?

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What type of shopper are you?

So what type of shopper are you? Do you spend hours and hours just browsing round shops before you make a purchase – or do you pride yourself on being the fastest shopper in the city, getting in and out of the shop in less time Usain Bolt?

Which kind of shopper describes you?

The Bargain Hunter

Discount, Discount, Discount! The Bargain Hunter tracks down deals like a tabby cat hunting mice. In fact she’ll absolutely leave no stone unturned find the lowest price in town, the internet or even the galaxy.

The Expert

Google is her best friend. This shopper knows way more about her intended purchase than the store staff! She’s researched what she wants to buy, seen the reviews, watched the unboxing video’s on yotube and tracked down a friend of a friend who has one and has tried it out first hand.

The Impulse Buyer

Saw it, liked it, had a very brief internal dialogue about not needing another pair of shoes/not spending that much money (not too long you understand). Then bought it anyway. You only live once. Nuff said!

The Timid Shopper

This shopper really makes over-thinking an art! She went shopping for shoes, she needs shoes, but those are too expensive, those are slightly the wrong shade of blue, the ones she really likes are out of stock and so she agonises between the ones in this store or the ones in the last store. Generally will go back to the first ones she saw over an hour ago and buy those – or go home empty handed and regret not buying them for the rest of the week.

The Brand Shopper

If it isn’t a recognised brand – this shopper won’t even lower herself to even pick it up and take a look at it never mind take it to the till and get out her credit card. She generally shops at the same shops and wears the same brands. She still likes a deal on those brands – but she doesn’t buy unbranded anything darling!

The Rocket Shopper

This shopper has one goal… get in and out of the store in as little time as possible. This also involves not speaking to the store staff if at all possible unless locating the item is slowing her down from the ultimate goal of exiting in record time. She gets terribly irritated by browsers who simply clutter up the aisles. Get out of her way!

The Haggler

The Haggler simply thinks that the price on the shelf is a good starting point. What’s your best price, how much discount can I get if…, I’ve been a loyal customer here for years. She’ll employ a whole range of techniques to wrestle a discount out of store staff – and woe betide the poor till assistant if the garment has a small thread loose or a lipstick mark!

The Boomerang Shopper

The true Boomerang shopper LOVES shopping. She’ll have browsed every aisle like a honey bee browsing flowers – then she’ll stagger to the till laden with her huge horde of clothes. Where the wily shop assistant will ring through her enormous pile of purchases, charge her credit card and watch her stagger away with more store branded bags than is decent in the sure knowledge that the majority, if not all of these purchases will be back on the shelves before the week is out.

Whichever type of shopper you are… enjoy!

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