Waking up

So we’re all waking up into a new world where things look the same but are, in reality, very different.

Lockdown restrictions are easing for many – but still in force for a few as the threat of Coronavirus continues to be present.

For the High Street and local Towns, apart from the initial queues on lockdown easing, this has meant weaker footfall and people still playing it safe and staying away.

The new environment we find ourselves in is going to be different from the old ‘consumerism’ and retail driven High Streets of the past – in fact many commentators have said that the High Street had become over-reliant on national High Street chains opening increasing number of stores and funding even higher rents.

Evidence of this is clear as, one effect of Coronavirus, has been to accelerate timescales in many High Streets from a slow and steady decline, to a rapid reassessment and closing of increasingly unprofitable locations and whole chains slipping into Administration.

This rapid development has precipitated a need for placemakers to act quickly and positively to change the High Street environment which has been some time in the making to recover their identity and move forward with a purpose – with each Town taking its own path towards that end.

High Streets of the future will probably include a higher mix of housing and live/work space. These residents will be surrounded by local independents servicing their needs and the local placemakers will drive footfall by organising interesting and inclusive community events.

The dscvr app and it’s way of connecting people to the High Street to find out what’s there and what’s going on will be much more in demand and we’re already seeing an increase in the number of people we’re speaking to.

We’re refitting the app to move away from lockdown information and moving back to working with High Street Brands, Local Independents, Communities and Placemakers to deliver the services to our audience we were delivering prior to lockdown. 

We’re more needed than ever!