Stealth mode is hard in a coworking space

This is almost an apology (almost).

We’ve been developing our products in a coworking space along with a lot of other great technical and entrepreneurial minds. Many people see us beavering away building our MVP and, understandably, they’re curious.

There’s an etiquette in these situations. If a startup is in stealth mode – don’t press the point. They’ll tell you when they’re ready.

But the normal way it happens is that they walk up to our desks, freshly poured coffee in hand, exchange pleasantries (we’re friendly types anyway) and then (you know it’s coming), move onto:

"Hey guys .... what you building?"

You see the problem is that at least three other businesses in our coworking space (including the guys working next to us) have recognised that the sector that we’re looking to disrupt with technology is ripe and ready for it – but they’re going about it in different ways. They don’t have some of the insights or ideas that we do – and quite frankly, we’re not in sharing mode at the moment.

So no offence guys, we’ll let everyone know what we’re doing when we can. You deserve an answer – just not yet.