Focus, Focus, Focus (Group)

We’ve been testing our new app and holding Focus groups to help us shape the experience and get real feedback.

We’re looking for new people to help us test our new app and give us candid views, improvements and suggestions.

We’re looking for people who have 1-2 hours spare within the next 2 weeks. You’ll be asked to join a small group in a relaxed and professional environment and to download our new app to your phone.

You’ll then be asked a series of questions which we would like you to answer candidly. Then we’ll have a short discussion session to wrap up.

There will be free food and refreshments during the session and we’ll keep your results anonymous.

Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • NHS workers
  • Independent shop owners

Please contact us here to register your interest and we’ll contact you back to arrange attendance at one of our groups.