dscvr app

dscvr App

We’re pretty pleased with ourselves. We’ve closed out the initial development, branding and marketing plan for the new dscvr app.

We’ve adopted some new technology to develop the app that we’ve been tracking for some time. We now think that it’s stable (and good enough) to use in developing the front end mobile applications and have spent a good while retraining in the technology. Upside is that it will make us much more responsive to changes, cut development times and be cheaper for us in the longer term. We think this technology could become the industry standard – so we’re futureproofing as we go.

We’ve also been working hard on the positioning of the app and what branding resonates with our target audience.

This is more of a consumer led products (B2C2B) and we’ve been checking the pulse of what we’ve been building with ‘critical friends’ all along.

We’re now going to get it in front of some of our target audience and get feedback and start to refine the product…