Coronavirus: we can help!

dscvr app normally champions all things local to shop, eat and do in your High Street and Town. But that’s not possible as all the shops, restaurants, bars and venues are closed due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

However, there are now an increasing number of small businesses who have adapted their model to continue providing services, either by moving online or by new delivery services, but are frustrated in getting their message out.

We wondered whether we could help.

dscvr app has temporarily switched from championing things to shop, eat and do locally… to highlighting amazing local businesses that are still serving their communities.

Coronavirus lockdown is creating stressful environments for people who are self isolating. So the dscvr app now also highlights things to do online to keep busy, fit and preserve mental health. These range from opera from leading institutions around the world, virtual safari’s at the world’s top zoos and aquariums, masterclasses to learn a new skill, through to family friendly activities and fitness and wellbeing programmes.

We strongly feel that promoting local innovative businesses is important to support the local economy and local communities as there are very few places that people can find such information. 

In addition, there is a pressure on our collective mental health. A YouGov poll commissioned at the end of March found that nearly two thirds of adults felt anxious or worried about the outbreak and UK charity The Mental Health Foundation recently said that “…the mental health impact of the pandemic is going to last longer than the physical health impact…”. In February the number of participants joining virtual events shot up by 978% in China compared to the same time last year, and the UK is predicted to follow a similar pattern.

We believe that by ensuring that people have an easy way of accessing information on things to do during self isolation, it will help safeguard people’s mental and physical health and take further pressure off an already strained NHS.

The dscvr app is free to download and businesses offering services and delivery can advertise their services for free during this period. We think it’s important to help everyone, so we’re doing this as a service to people during this difficult time, we’re running on volunteers and we will earn no revenue from providing this information. 

Businesses can submit their services at and the dscvr team will upload these directly onto the app.