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The dscvr app digitally engages visitors with their town, high street or shopping centre.

The dscvr platform gives placemakers easy and effective tools to support transformation and to manage and analyse their place.

Local Branding

Local place branding with sponsoring BID/Authority logo

What's here

Showcase local culture, shops, restaurants and events

Support local businesses

Enable local businesses to manage own promotions

Promote out of area

Promote culture, events and offers to prompt visit


Analyse success of promotions and local events

Safety messaging

Communicate safety messaging to rebuild confidence


Highlight community groups and activities


Enable visitors to find their way around efficiently

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Your Town and High Street all in one place...

The dscvr app digitally connects visitors to you, driving footfall into your Town and High Street.


The app carries your branding and shows what is available all in one place including your events, shops, restaurants, bars, culture, theatres and galleries.


Town Centre Management and Placemakers can add their own events and promotions in real time, whilst independent businesses can manage their own promotions.


The feedback platform enables you to analyse engagement and assess effectiveness of events and promotions.


Its so easy to use. Visitors can get at most of your content within 2 clicks…

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How the dscvr app and platform works

High Streets and Towns are evolving rapidly towards a mobile enabled future. This is why the dscvr app is mobile-first.


dscvr enables Town centre Management and Placemakers to easily manage the app content – driving footfall into their Town by showcasing events , things to do, promotions, offers and cultural offering – directly targeting visitors.


dscvr partners with many well known High Street brands to promote what they do to a location based audience. dscvr also provides the technology for smaller independent business to manage their own offers and promotions in the same way that large brands do.


The dscvr platform enables Town Centre Management to analyse engagement and effectiveness of promotions and events – invaluable for optimising future performance and evidencing ROI.


If you would like to find out more and see dscvr in action – simply contact us (starts email):

Engage with communities

Engage with local communites including…